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Greetings from the Sisseton Police Department. We, in partnership with our community, will strive to protect the life, property and personal liberties of all individuals. We believe that the overall quality of life for all residents will improve through the deterrence of criminal activity and an understanding of the diversity of cultures within this community.

Futhermore, we recognize the need for fair and impartial enforcement of the law with attention given to the highest possible quality of service delivery to the community.

Please check our various links to learn more about the department and to communicate with us. We are always interested in sharing information, technology or even personnel with other law enforcement agencies.

Thank you for your interest in the Sisseton Police Department. If we can be of further assistance feel free to contact us.  Our office is located at City Hall: 406 2nd Ave. W.  Phone: 605-698-3932

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Sisseton Police Department Mission Statement:
"Our mission is to enforce laws, protect life and property and provide services to make Sisseton a safe place to live, work and raise a family."
Chief of Police
Jim Croymans
Sergeant Jereme Stauss
Corporal Justin Isaacson
School Resource Officer Austin Searles
Officer Lindsey Zastoupil
Officer Ethan Hasan
Community Service Officer Devan Appel
Officer Training
Sisseton Police Department strives to promote excellence in public safety through development of professional training, delivery of high quality training programs, and embracing the community policing philosophy. Thereby producing a highly trained and ethical professional, who will respectfully serve the citizens of Sisseton.

Parnerships Work in a continuous spirit of cooperation and collaboration to address areas of common concern to all of those who serve in the profession of public safety.

Create an environment where all people are treated with respect.

Always maintain a high standard of conduct. Never compromise your word.

Dedicated Service
The citizens of Sisseton, SD are our customer and we will be respectful and responsive to their needs.

Maintain a high ethical standard in our daily conduct.

To provide a foundation of skill and knowledge for officers employed by the Sisseton Police Department, upon which they will continue to build and enhance their job performance. Deliver the highest quality training possible to all officers, so they may perform their jobs safely and successfully. Increase the overall effectiveness of public safety by assuring an attitude of professional excellence, based on high ethical standards, and achieved through quality training.
School Resource Officer
Officer Austin Searles, School Resource Officer
Duties of School Resource Officer
  1. To protect lives and property of the citizens and public school students of the district.
  2. To enforce Federal, State and local criminal laws and ordinances, and to assist school officials with the enforcement of school rules and policies regarding student conduct.
  3. To investigate criminal activity committed on or adjacent to school property.
  4. To counsel public school students in special situations, such as students suspected in engaging in criminal misconduct, when requested by the principal or the principal's designee or by the parents of a student.
  5. To answer questions and conduct classroom presentations for students in the law related education field.
  6. To assist other law enforcement officers with outside investigations concerning students attending the schools to which the SRO is assigned.
  7. To provide security for special school events or functions, such as sporting events or graduation.
  8. To provide traffic control during the arrival and departure of students, and traffic enforcement as needed.
  9. To bridge the gap between police officers and young people, and increase positive attitudes toward law enforcement.

Chain of Command
  1. As an employee of the Sisseton Police Department, the SRO shall follow the chain of command as set forth in the Sisseton Police Department Policies and Procedure Manual.
  2. In the performance of duties, the SRO shall coordinate and communicate with the principal or the principal's designee of the school to which assigned.
Traffic Enforcement
Traffic Enforcement is a large part of our job at the Sisseton Police Department. Enforcing state laws and local ordinances helps keep all drivers and pedestrians safe. Keeping the streets of Sisseton safe for all, is very important to this department.

Our officers pride themselves on their DUI enforcement efforts and professionalism when contacts are made with motorists.

What to do if you are stopped by law enforcement:
  1. Stop your vehicle in a safe location.
  2. Stay in your vehicle until you are instructed to exit.
  3. Keep your hands visible to officer when the officer approaches your vehicle.
  4. Follow officer's directions.
  5. Ask for clarification for things you may not understand. Don't be argumentative.
Animal Control
The Sisseton Police Department provides quality enforcement pertaining to public safety, animal control and animal welfare. Our officers are highly trained, experienced, certified professionals, who handle animal control. Officers investigate animal abuse and respond to a variety of citizen requests for service. Services include: leash law enforcement, regulating barking dogs, regulating vicious/dangerous dogs, dog licensing, rabies control, bite quarantines and dead animal removal on public property.
Public Services
Public Services Provided by the Sisseton Police Department
  • Animal Control
  • Home Checks
  • Business Checks
  • Funeral Escorts
  • Varmint Control
  • Special Event Security
  • Special Event Traffic Control
  • Public Training and Public Speaking

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